What's the material of your canvas bag?

What's the material of your canvas bag?

First, from the fabric, cloth with canvas, corduroy, wool fabrics such as velvet, winter with some artificial wool, good quality canvas, corduroy fabric texture, delicate touch, feel relatively is not very smooth. Second, from the material, cotton, silk and chemical fiber material in material compared to more strong, not easy drawing, may we often encounter this kind of situation: bag appearance is not bad, in the first break, so buy a bag, is very important in the material. Some brands of bags in the material will have a brand of LOGO, of course, the price will also increase accordingly. Third, from the ingredients, cloth and leather in shape is not strong, easy deformation, so the production of cloth, usually on the fabric in a layer of non-woven fabric to stabilize the pressure bag shape, non-woven heavier the higher price, package shape fixed is also better, so in general, five gold the same ingredients under the heavy cloth. Fourth, from the work, sewing pins more dense, pack more strong, more difficult line. Fifth, from the hardware ingredients, that is, zippers, rings, hooks and so on, the best I can see is copper, of course, the weight is also very heavy.

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