Often participate in outdoor activities in the tour pal knows, hiking, there is a suitable small pockets of how important it is to carry the camera, mobile phone, keys, sunscreen, snacks, and men's cigarettes, lighters, in short, too many things we need to get close.

Next, talk briefly about choosing outdoor pockets

Classification of pockets

Divided by volume, the purse can be divided into three grades

1, small pockets: volume less than 3 liters of purses are small pockets

Small purse can be used as a personal Purse: mainly for silver, as well as identity cards, bank cards and other valuables. This kind of pockets more suitable for work, travel, and daily application, tied in the coat inside, no hill, no dew, anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that the volume of small, too few things

2, medium-sized Purse: Volume in 3 liters, only 10 liters between, can be classified as medium-sized Purse

The middle size purse is the most widely used in the outdoor purse. It has many kinds of functions and is more powerful. It can be used to load the larger volume of the camera and kettle. Is the preferred type of purse for outdoor activities.

3, large pockets: volume of 10 liters or more in the purse for large pockets

These purses are better suited for single day outdoor activities and daily life, and because of the larger size, they are mostly equipped with a single shoulder strap, and some of the big brands are equipped with shoulder straps.

The use of purse strings in outdoor activities

Many tour pal have such experience, is carrying a large backpack activities, there is a conflict with the backpack and pockets, wearing a backpack in the pockets, obviously feeling affected, the backpack belt cannot fit crotch well, thereby weakening the knapsacks comfort, we tend to be hard up to pull down, as a result, the backpack is not received effect, but affect our normal posture and pace.

In this case, I generally have two solutions, first of all, look at the road, my purse is not to be used at any time, if not always, I will put the next big backpack pockets tied to it, and then when you need to go down; if I must use the pocket at any time, I will consider the pocket tied to backpack belt, this will not affect our normal walking, and can take articles at any time.

It seems that these introductions, I believe you in the selection and use of pockets when there will be some initial impression.