Slope toe, foot down heavy.

When it comes to the upper ramps, the most important thing is to walk outside, or toes out. We might be on the steep slope foot essence (see definition above slope) it is easy to learn, if all the foot on the slope toe, because it is higher than the position of the heel, ankle so radical bent and not even the coordination. On the contrary, if you cant open toe, the foot to step on the toes and ankles turn sideways, this is almost the same height, so the ankle will become easy and simple swing.

Don't jump on high ground.

A step slightly higher than the knee. On the hiking course, you can sometimes see a knee high or slightly higher than the knee, or a large height, drop, slope, etc on the slope. When descending such a steep terrain, it is strictly prohibited to bounce suddenly and steadily!!! Jumping down, not only falls, sprains the ankle, but also has the risk of contusion or fracture. Step down right is to firmly grasp the roots on the edge of the plant, put your feet down smoothly to stabilize the body center of gravity Dianzhe, or sit on the ground gradually slid down the ground.

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