Typical features of good backpack!

Typical features of good backpack!

Typical features of good backpack!

First, waterproof performance
(1) fabric
The outer surface of the waterproof coating, the backpack can be selected drip test,
But the rain for a long time, then the rain will still penetrate; the inner surface of the tarpaulins,
With PU waterproof film (polyurethane film), select the backpack when looking backpack lining
Whether there is no smooth glossy waterproof film, this layer of water can stay in the outer surface of
 the backpack, can not penetrate into the interior.

(2) zipper Department has a waterproof adhesive tape.

Similar to Jackets inside the pressure of the adhesive strip, is simply a place in the joints added a waterproof cover cloth.
Meet the above two, when the rain without having to worry about wet items.
Low-end backpack only an external waterproof coating, the lightest; mid-backpack to meet the first,
Weight heavier; high-end backpack is to meet the above two, the most important.

second.there are multiple bin positions

To facilitate the display of different types of items, each sub-warehouse items should be easy to access and easy to fall out.

Need to pay attention, not the sub-warehouse the more the better. Sub-warehouse too much but will lead to a limited backpack space has been
Divided, takes up valuable space, and will significantly increase the weight of the backpack.

Third, the inner frame

Outer frame backpack is not only heavy, but also in the course of the process easy to be linked to branches and other items.
Frame frame backpack material is usually lightweight and durable materials, such as: aviation aluminum alloy, carbon fiber materials, reinforced plastics.
Typical inner frame backpack

Fourth, thick light belts

Belt at least 7 into the weight-bearing to the waist, so we must choose thick light belt.

Too narrow the belt will obviously increase the local pressure, resulting in pain, swelling, and even broken skin. Purchase, be sure to ask,
Whether the filling inside the belt is a complete piece of material. Otherwise, do not buy. If not a standard backpack,
The item is not mandatory, but the width of the belt must be guaranteed.

Fifth, the shoulder strap liner

As the shoulder also need to bear the weight of a part of the backpack, it must ensure that the internal strap liner.

Even lightweight backpacks should have thinner pads. As shown in the picture below, four backpack: the bottom for the two ultra-lightweight backpack,
Above the second for the lightweight backpack, the top for the standard backpack. From bottom to top,
Four backpack shoulder strap thickness gradually increased. But can be seen from the second picture,
Shoulder strap width of four types of backpack though gradually increased, but the change is not much.

Sixth, there is a rich lace

For hanging crampons, mats, and compression backpack. Non-standard backpack is no need to consider.

Seventh, zippers and buckles

Zipper is usually used YKK or YBS, the domestic famous brand SBS, the top ten brands of domestic zipper,
The world's second largest zipper manufacturer. Buckle with Duraflex, ITW, nifco, domestic brands Fortress, Meifeng, is security.

Need for the general package with YKK zipper. Brand-name outdoor backpack without plastic zipper, all metal.
See the figure below. A good or bad package and the relationship between the zipper is very large, if the load-bearing capacity of the zipper not work
, It can hold things? In the process of walking, buckle suddenly broken, it can really tears.