Outdoor Sports How to choose a backpack?

Outdoor Sports How to choose a backpack?

Outdoor sunny ample sunshine, when the summer has come to the most suitable cross-country outing season, whether you are a family trip, or participate in a more formal endurance races, the necessary equipment and food supplement in this season even more important, as far as possible Reduce the burden of their own under the premise of the selection of a run for their own backpack is particularly important to become extremely important.

Choose a more professional equipment backpack.

First of all, we have to determine the volume of the backpack, a 20 to 30 liters of technology backpack is in your choice, the coverage can be from 1.6 m to 2 m big man can be suitable, of course, if you want to participate in the race Short game, it can be backpack down to about 10 liters size.

Secondly, we have to pay attention to the weight of the backpack, bound to reduce the burden and improve the game results, we will certainly choose lighter equipment, Quantized backpack.

As a professional runner, how should you make a choice?

In conventional competition, should ensure that the volume as much as possible while choosing the weight of less than 1 kg of backpack products, be sure to choose the external use of anti-tearing material and water repellent features of high-strength nylon, zippers in this important part The same can not be sloppy when the game must be pulled by the zipper can bear.

In the comfort of the same essential, general science and technology backpack will be in the belt and shoulder strap to increase the filling will increase the comfort and stability, but they also increase the weight of the entire backpack, so in what position to make the need to be more The choice of multiple protection is also the runner as you should be most aware of, there should be sufficient enough to fill the pocket to fill the necessary food supplement, such as energy rods and electrolytes this category.