Travel bag should be how to clean?

Travel bag should be how to clean?

Travel bag, backpack is now a lot of people are using a backpack, especially when traveling and business travel, need to travel time, put all the necessary things into the travel bag, and then you can go back, Back on the body is not only easy and particularly natural. But what should be used after all remember the maintenance, talking about maintenance before you remember to clean, and today that is how we should be cleaned.

1、Travel bag should not be applied in a long time should be placed in a cool dry place to save, not on the top of the weight, so as to avoid deformation, affecting the appearance of the package image.

2、In the water by adding a small amount of liquid detergent or soap powder, and then hand gently rub, if not easy to find clean stains, you can use a soft brush scrub, do not long Campbell in the water, to avoid water Variety.

3、After washing the bag should be inside the lining turned to the outside to dry, so you can avoid deformation of the bag, try to dry in the shade, not directly in the sun exposure.

When using the travel bag, it gives us great benefits, but after use to remember to maintain them, especially pay attention to cleaning, the above points is that we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the time, so that our favorite travel Package to a long time to accompany us!

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