How to choose the right travel bag
Go out for a backpack is very important for their own. How to choose a backpack, how to suit your travel bag, here will be an introduction.
travel bag
1.The choice of travel bag is based on the purpose of travel.
If it is long-distance mountain climbing, you need to fully prepare all the equipment. Then the capacity of mountaineering bag is very important.
Large sum of mountain climbing capacity can reach 60L or 70L, of course, the premise is that you can bear the starting.
travel bag
2.Large-capacity mountaineering bag has a more appropriate load-bearing system in large-capacity load.
One is to help you with the load, the second is to let you maintain a balance under load.
For the weight-bearing system is based on the length of the human trunk design, if the trunk is longer for people to back big bag.
travel bag
3.Small capacity package for short trips to carry essentials.
Generally do not need special carrying system, itself, lighter weight. But the pocket design will be very practical.
This is also called the high natural responsibility of the heavy thing
travel bag
4.Select the most important mountaineering bag, first, to see its incorporated design. To see whether its capacity is large enough at the same time, its admission is convenient. The layout is reasonable then the load will not be such a class, a solid backpack is more secure.
Second, look at zippers and waterproof design, zipper must be the quality of the zipper. Will not appear to open up the phenomenon of the way or something out of the way do not know. A certain waterproofing ability is also required mountaineering bag.


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