Only 1% of girls know the makeup bag taking skills

Only 1% of girls know the makeup bag taking skills

Only 1% of girls know the makeup bag taking skills

Cosmetic bags are necessary to go out every love makeup girl, but the girls, you are not always in their  makeup bag upside down to find your makeup? And for those who are not good at finishing girl this is a difficult issue for a long time, then the following. Learn how to receive......

Blush and brush and lipstick should be placed in the pocket of the bag

Don't you think it's a little stressful to look for something from a make-up bag? If things are always in the same place, you can prevent things from getting out of the way and make up your bags neatly and neatly. A good habit will save you a lot of time while keeping the make-up bag clean and refreshing!

Use cushioning material bags to protect make-up products

There should be a lot of girls because the make-up bag fell to the ground and let the powder chipped experience. At this point, it should be chosen to buffer the material of the bag, to protect the easy to break the powder system make-up products. The girl will be careful attention, try to avoid the cosmetic impact, in order to protect the heart of the baby, really have to take good.

Use a big opening makeup bag to shorten your make-up time

Especially in the busy and not enough time in the morning make-up, it is recommended to immediately find the required make-up of the big openings, and the interior of a clear style. In addition, the interior is colored and easier to find than the black ones. I believe many girls like big open bags!

Only keep the most useful 30% in the makeup bag

There is a direct, said that about 70% of our wardrobe is idle, but women still feel no clothes. Our make-up bag is the same, the past 1 hands and feet of the size of the bag is enough, and now occupy 20 inches, half of the chassis seems to be still not enough, but every time we want to accommodate crazy. But as long as you firmly clean up, for the make-up bag slimming pleasure, definitely more than "can not put down" more fun.

Take necessities according to the occasion of the trip

You should have your favorite props in the make-up bag you carry with you. But not all cosmetics should be in cosmetic bags. Too much stuff can make time spent looking for something, and it can mess up your favorite make-up...... Take the necessary items according to the occasion you want to travel! For example, when attending a more formal meeting, you must not paint red lips and paint smoke, so eye shadow does not have to be carried. It is not a daily essential product, including essence, isolation, foundation, concealer, perfume, etc. if you go for a few days, just want simple skin care, then efficient water + milk is enough.

To choose not easy to dirty waterproof processing style

Although natural fiber make-up kits are lovely, the makeup pack is neither durable nor hard to keep clean. Makeup bag or recommend the choice of dirty, it is easy to clean, and durable synthetic fiber or PVC coated style. In addition, wash Taiwan makeup, there are also a lot of opportunities, so in the purchase use dirty cloth production function makeup bag, to confirm whether with waterproof processing.