What environments will you encounter when you travel?
When considering environmental factors, take into account both the destination you are traveling to as well as the environments you travel THROUGH in order to get you and your gear to your destination. At the end of the day, you may be staying at a hotel or lodge, but that lodge may be at the top of a mountain tram ride following a day of air travel and shuttle buses!

 Here are a few considerations for where you are traveling and options.

Choose a bag that is weather-ready, such as the HighLine Series or Whistler Series
Choose a bag with an All Weather AW Cover™ to protect from rain, snow, sand and dirt. Click here for all backpacks with our built-in weather covers.
Traveling by air? Choose a bag that you know is travel friendly and carry-on compatible. Check out our carry-on compatible backpacks and carry-on compatible rollers
Choose a bag that is multipurpose and converts depending on what you need for the day. The Photo Hatchback and the StreetLine Series are both great multipurpose bags.
Consider a bag-in-a-bag solution. Often you just need a lightweight bag to carry around once you get to your location. Pack a Passport Sling or a toploading camera bag for these scenarios.
Going to extreme environments? Make sure your bag can handle the challenge. DryZone delivers the ultimate in waterproof protection; HardSide is both high-impact resistant and waterproof.

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