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The common sense of outdoor backpack equipment

 Outdoor backpack buying common senseGenerally choose the built-in backpack, first look at the structural design of backpacks, must have the following basic items:The bottom of the backpack is double deck, so that the durability of the backpack can be increased. The extension bag at the top of the backpack must be extended upwards, while the extension pocket must be sealed. The compression belt outside the backpack must be able to shrink the backpack volume and prevent shaking. Backpacks, side bags should be easy to assemble and disassemble. The backpack must have traction ring and ice axe loop provide carry crampons, outdoor shoes... Other items.After checking the appearance, then carry your backpack back to the mirror and pay attention to the following:The skeleton of the backpack must be 2~4 inches above the shoulders, and the upper bag should not exceed 5 or 6 inches of the shoulder, otherwise a backpack shall be re elected. When carrying, the center point of the waistband should be placed in the center of the sciatic bone, and the ends of the waist gasket should not be too close to each other, and the part without shims can not be rubbed against the stomach, and the tight belt should not be chosen. Adjust the shoulder strap fixation point. The curve of the shoulder strap should be attached to the back of the victim's shoulder. The shoulder strap should be about 2~3 inches below the shoulder top, and both hands should grip the end of the shoulder strap. The fist must be below the armpit. The head can not hit the top of the backpack, and can not obstruct the helmet. The chest straps must be able to help the bear survive the difficult terrainHow to properly pack backpacks to reduce the carrying capacityTo use an umbrella tent attached to a backpack, top fuel oil and water shall be separately placed to avoid contamination of food and clothing, heavy backpack items at the center and lower side band, such as clothing (must use a plastic bag and sealed by different color ribbon so easily recognizable), personal apparatus,headlights, map, compass, camera, attached to a light below items, such as sleeping bags (must be sealed with waterproof bag), camp column can be placed in the bag or backpack backpack in the rear cushion, prepare a long belt tied to some items, such as three tripod, camp column or on the side bag.For male and female backpack is not consistent, because the boys and girls of the upper torso long upper torso is short but long legs, carefully choose the right backpack, loading weight set high when the boys, because boys focus position close to the chest, the girls lower heart location close to the abdomen, weight items to close back, let the weight above the waist. Climbing (climbing backpack) back packing during filling position is close to center of the pelvis, the center of rotation of the body, so as to prevent weight shift to the shoulders, hiking, backpacks filled with high gravity can be close to back.Fuel oil and food must be placed separately, pay attention to the cooker or boiler group loading, do not make the back uncomfortable, pot set in rainy days into the tent, wipe clean. Loading backpacks is not to throw everything into backpacks, but to back comfort and walk happily.

Definition of backpack

Definition of backpackMarch or go out in the back of the clothing package. Material diversification, leather, plastic, polyester, canvas, nylon, cotton bags and other fashionable texture. At the same time, in more and more flaunt the personality of the period, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles, from different sides to cater to fashion people, publicity personality needs. Luggage style from the traditional business bag, school bag, purse, extended to small sachet etc..Material technologyBecause the backpack in a special environment, the backpack materials and processes put forward higher requirements. All the position of the knapsack force is sewn back to the needle and sewn in three times, so that the force position is firm and durable. The buckle and other components of the backpack can be frozen, smashed and deformed at 120 degrees centigrade without damage. Backpacks are mainly 420D, Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon, 600D or 1000Dpolyester (polyester), or 1000D, CORDURA and other materials. 1000D material has high density and is very wearable and is suitable for use in the field. CORDURA is a famous high quality wearable nylon roving fabric developed by DuPont Co. The wear resistance of this material is much higher than that of ordinary nylon or polyester, and it is light in weight. More than 90% of the world's most famous brand backpacks are made of this famous nylon material. These materials can withstand 0.5m~2m water pressure, so that the object in the package to keep dry. Some materials also have anti tear function, once punctured, the gap will not tear open to enlarge.Development statusAs everyone's living and consumption standards continue to rise, a variety of backpacks become indispensable accessories around people. We all request that the bags and bags products be strengthened not only in practicality, but also in decoration.China bags is a big country of production, China has been formed in Guangdong Huadu, Fujian Quanzhou, Zhejiang Pinghu and Hebei Baigou four PVC bag manufacturing base.There is a huge demand space in the international luggage market, which has directly promoted the export growth of Chinese luggage and bags, and made the export of bags steady growth and good momentum. In 2007, the export value of China's luggage was 10 billion 810 million US dollars, up 24.21% over the same period, and the number of exports was 7 billion 779 million, an increase of 21.56%.Category useAccording to the different backpack capacity, the backpack can generally be divided into large and medium-sized categoriesLarge Backpack Capacity of more than 50 liters, suitable for medium and long distance travel and more professional adventure. For example, when you want to go to places like TibetYou should undoubtedly choose a large backpack with a capacity of more than 50 litres when traveling or exploring mountains. In some short trips if you need a large backpack also need camping in the wild, because only it can hold your camping tents, sleeping bags and pads. Large backpacks, depending on the use of different, can be divided into climbing bags and long-distance travel backpack.The mountaineering bag usually has a long and thin bag, so the bag can be divided into two layers through the narrow topography, and the middle part is separated by a zipper interlayer, so that when the goods are taken away, it is very convenient. The sides and the top of the backpack can be provided with tents and mats outside, and the volume of the backpack is virtually increased. There axe backpack sets, can be used for bundling axes, with the poles. The most noteworthy is the back structure of these bags, the bag has light Aluminum Alloy support package body frame, the back of the shape is designed according to the principle of human body engineering, the strap is wide and thick, shape according with the human physiological curve of "S" type design, and prevent the straps to both sides of the chest belt sideslip make the wearer feel very comfortable. And these backpacks all have a strong, generous and comfortable belt, and the height of the straps can be adjusted. The user can conveniently adjust the strap to the height suitable for himself according to the figure of the user. Generally, the bottom of the backpack is positioned above the hips, so that more than half of the weight of the backpack is transferred to the waist, thereby greatly reducing the shoulder burden and reducing shoulder damage due to long-term weight-bearing.Long distance travel backpack bag structure is similar to mountaineering bags, but the bag body more generous, and is equipped with many side bags, so that the object classification system is placed, long-distance travel backpack front usually can be opened to take items is very convenient.The volume of medium backpack in general 30~50 litres, use these packs more widely, 2~4 days of field trips, travel between the city and some long-distance travel non camping self-help, medium-sized backpack is appropriate. Carry on clothes and some daily necessities can hold. The style and variety of medium-sized backpacks are more varied. Some backpacks add side pockets, which are more conducive to repacking. The back structures of these backpacks are about the same as those of large backpacks.The capacity of a small backpack is below 30 litres. These backpacks are mostly used in the city. Of course, they are also suitable for 1~2 day outings.


Slope toe, foot down heavy.When it comes to the upper ramps, the most important thing is to walk outside, or toes out. We might be on the steep slope foot essence (see definition above slope) it is easy to learn, if all the foot on the slope toe, because it is higher than the position of the heel, ankle so radical bent and not even the coordination. On the contrary, if you cant open toe, the foot to step on the toes and ankles turn sideways, this is almost the same height, so the ankle will become easy and simple swing.Don't jump on high ground.A step slightly higher than the knee. On the hiking course, you can sometimes see a knee high or slightly higher than the knee, or a large height, drop, slope, etc on the slope. When descending such a steep terrain, it is strictly prohibited to bounce suddenly and steadily!!! Jumping down, not only falls, sprains the ankle, but also has the risk of contusion or fracture. Step down right is to firmly grasp the roots on the edge of the plant, put your feet down smoothly to stabilize the body center of gravity Dianzhe, or sit on the ground gradually slid down the ground.Several mountain climbing bags recommended today are more suitable for mass consumption, while some amateur mountaineering enthusiasts buy them

How to choose the right travel bag

Go out for a backpack is very important for their own. How to choose a backpack, how to suit your travel bag, here will be an introduction.1.The choice of travel bag is based on the purpose of travel.If it is long-distance mountain climbing, you need to fully prepare all the equipment. Then the capacity of mountaineering bag is very important.Large sum of mountain climbing capacity can reach 60L or 70L, of course, the premise is that you can bear the starting.2.Large-capacity mountaineering bag has a more appropriate load-bearing system in large-capacity load.One is to help you with the load, the second is to let you maintain a balance under load.For the weight-bearing system is based on the length of the human trunk design, if the trunk is longer for people to back big bag.3.Small capacity package for short trips to carry essentials.Generally do not need special carrying system, itself, lighter weight. But the pocket design will be very practical.This is also called the high natural responsibility of the heavy thing4.Select the most important mountaineering bag, first, to see its incorporated design. To see whether its capacity is large enough at the same time, its admission is convenient. The layout is reasonable then the load will not be such a class, a solid backpack is more secure.Second, look at zippers and waterproof design, zipper must be the quality of the zipper. Will not appear to open up the phenomenon of the way or something out of the way do not know. A certain waterproofing ability is also required mountaineering bag.

Backpack fabric interpretation and fashion

Backpack to super practical and loved by many people, it is the liberation of the hands of the weapon, office workers, milk dad, outdoor sports necessary equipment. There are many kinds of backpack materials, today introduced the common three - leather, canvas and nylon, different materials will create a different backpack needs to shape your different styles.1.Leather is by the hair removal and tanning and other physical and chemical processing and has the role of resistance to corruption, and in the weather is dry and soft and supple processed animal fur. Leather backpack made in the shape of the more Tingbu, more concise style, the color is also more stable to the main dark, can be used with suits and other suits, both retain a stable temperament also adds fashion sense, mature men Worth to start.Dress can also choose to wear backpack, but the style is very important. Leather backpack shape quite wide, and the texture of the suit is matched, try to choose the same color on the color, so a very gentleman's feeling.2.Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric, because the eighth century, the Nordic Vikings initially named it for the sail. Canvas texture fast, wear-resistant, closely thick, but also has a certain degree of water resistance. Canvas fabric made with the backpack in style, printing and color is rarely limited, so canvas backpack style fashion and vibrant, easily out of the streets with the most popular fashion range.If you are fashionable and love the tide card, then the backpack must have been a little with a single product, then in style and color can enjoy the choice of fashion models. But pay attention to the whole body clothing and backpack colors, such as tooling wind, you can choose denim shirts, overalls, camouflage pattern backpack and boots combination.3.Nylon is the world's first synthetic fiber, it has good abrasion resistance and dust resistance, during World War II is widely used from stockings, clothes to carpets, ropes, nets and other fields. Nylon fabric due to durable easy care, often used to make outdoor sports type of backpack, outdoor enthusiasts are one of the essential equipment. Today, the shape of nylon backpack has gradually fashion up.Outdoor sports and ultimately, accompanied by backpack, then the style will be based on practical, such as mountaineering bag. Can be used with a solid color sportswear with bright backpack, both simple and stylish.

Travel bag should be how to clean?

Travel bag, backpack is now a lot of people are using a backpack, especially when traveling and business travel, need to travel time, put all the necessary things into the travel bag, and then you can go back, Back on the body is not only easy and particularly natural. But what should be used after all remember the maintenance, talking about maintenance before you remember to clean, and today that is how we should be cleaned.1、Travel bag should not be applied in a long time should be placed in a cool dry place to save, not on the top of the weight, so as to avoid deformation, affecting the appearance of the package image.2、In the water by adding a small amount of liquid detergent or soap powder, and then hand gently rub, if not easy to find clean stains, you can use a soft brush scrub, do not long Campbell in the water, to avoid water Variety.3、After washing the bag should be inside the lining turned to the outside to dry, so you can avoid deformation of the bag, try to dry in the shade, not directly in the sun exposure.When using the travel bag, it gives us great benefits, but after use to remember to maintain them, especially pay attention to cleaning, the above points is that we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the time, so that our favorite travel Package to a long time to accompany us!

Outdoor Sports How to choose a backpack?

Outdoor sunny ample sunshine, when the summer has come to the most suitable cross-country outing season, whether you are a family trip, or participate in a more formal endurance races, the necessary equipment and food supplement in this season even more important, as far as possible Reduce the burden of their own under the premise of the selection of a run for their own backpack is particularly important to become extremely important.Choose a more professional equipment backpack.First of all, we have to determine the volume of the backpack, a 20 to 30 liters of technology backpack is in your choice, the coverage can be from 1.6 m to 2 m big man can be suitable, of course, if you want to participate in the race Short game, it can be backpack down to about 10 liters size.Secondly, we have to pay attention to the weight of the backpack, bound to reduce the burden and improve the game results, we will certainly choose lighter equipment, Quantized backpack.As a professional runner, how should you make a choice?In conventional competition, should ensure that the volume as much as possible while choosing the weight of less than 1 kg of backpack products, be sure to choose the external use of anti-tearing material and water repellent features of high-strength nylon, zippers in this important part The same can not be sloppy when the game must be pulled by the zipper can bear.In the comfort of the same essential, general science and technology backpack will be in the belt and shoulder strap to increase the filling will increase the comfort and stability, but they also increase the weight of the entire backpack, so in what position to make the need to be more The choice of multiple protection is also the runner as you should be most aware of, there should be sufficient enough to fill the pocket to fill the necessary food supplement, such as energy rods and electrolytes this category.

School bag how to choose?

Schoolbag is an essential learning tool for children, many parents in the purchase of schoolbags is often only consider the appearance and durability, while ignoring the health care function. In fact, the child's bag on the physical development has a very big impact, such as improper selection easy to hurt the spine, with back, parents should pay more attention to the health problems brought about by schoolbags. So, how should select the appropriate bag it?Select the Schoolbag to see three : shoulder strap, belt and chest strapBecause most children's schoolbags are heavy enough to easily block blood flow and cause muscle damage, especially the shoulder, it is generally recommended that the shoulder strap should be wide, will help reduce the pressure on the shoulder bag, and can be evenly distributed The weight of the bag, while the padded shoulder strap can reduce the bag on the trapezius muscle strain caused.In addition to wide shoulder strap, the best children's bags also equipped with belt and chest strap. The previous bag is usually no belts and chest straps, only some backpack backpack only, but in fact increase the role of these two bands is very large, the use of belts and chest straps can be closer to the back bag, the weight of the bag unloading In the lumbar and bone above, and can be fixed in the back bag to prevent the bag swing, reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulder.Healthy schoolbag to choose light without smellChildren's bag material to light, because the children every day to carry a large number of books and items back to school, so in order to avoid the child's load increase, the bag should try to choose light-weight material. It is generally recommended that children's books contain a weight that does not exceed 15% of their weight.When buying bags, but also smell the smell of schoolbags, if the shares pungent odor, then the formaldehyde content of the bag is likely to exceed the standard, the child's health will cause a greater threat.The best health bags can also protect the ridge, with back preventionAs children's spine bone is soft, easy to deformation by long-term compression, if the bag design is too inappropriate or too easily lead to children with back. In the purchase of school bags, you can consider the choice of a ridge function of the bag, such as the back of the bag with a hollow pressure-free design, can reduce the opportunity to hit the spine bag, and backplane hollow design can prevent the bag close to the back, so that children do not Will "sweat." It should be noted that, with the ridge function of the bag is often higher prices.Parents should choose a bag with gravity center board design, easy to put the weight of the book in the center of gravity within the board, so close to the back of the center of gravity, can keep the back straight back , Reduce the opportunity to contain the back.

DIY hand-painted canvas bag

Midsummer a lot of people will carry a lightweight wild , today will teach the baby how to draw Helenbags exclusive personality canvas bag. Together to learn!Concise and concise,This is a simple step to explain the text,Started friends ~1、Prepare an A4 paper, pencil, eraser, copy paper, canvas bag, paint, and your favorite pictures2、Plot the picture on A4 paper, try to choose the flat pattern.3、Choose a good location, the copy paper tiled on the canvas bag.4、And then draw a good pattern in the copy paper tiled on top.5、Then gently press A4 paper, with a pencil along the painted good pattern in the description again.6、To use a little effort, the pattern printed on the package.7、After the drawing, remove the A4 paper and copy paper, you can color the.8、Along the edge coated evenly, try not to touch the water, to prevent the color seepage to the back of the package.9、Before each change the color to pen clean rinse, to prevent dirty the whole barrel paint.10、Tu finished color, you need to put static for some time, such as dry paint.

Use of insulation package

Insulation bag is not charged products, all cold, heat energy depends on the food itself, bags principle is to play a role in the extension of time.The use of insulation products:1.Going out for a picnic. On holidays about 35 friends to go out to play, with this ice pack, you can always enjoy the fresh food and iced drinks.2. Used to store the supermarket to buy frozen food can be a long time to maintain a hard frozen state, do not hurry home (frozen food here refers to fresh frozen food, rather than ice cream ice cream, ice cream ice cream can only maintain 20-50 minutes Not).3. Delivery, delivery. To family and friends friends, or meal delivery staff work to send take-away, can play a good insulation effect.4. Food insulation. As office workers, sometimes you are more willing to bring their own rice, insulation bag is your best choice.5. Used as passive car refrigerator. Insulation cold, easy to carry, it is your most affordable option. Recommended with 3-8 only ice bag, can extend the holding time.

Worthy of the collection with the backpack!

Tannins worn to do a new interpretation in line with modern fashion, the rough tannin and casual canvas bag together, showing the most handsome male face.Fitted with tannin pants and tannin jacket, a pair of brown work boots, canvas stitching leather backpack shows a whimsical and hardcore atmosphere.

what is the property of nylon?

As most of our bags are made of we'd like to describe it.Polyamide (Nylon), the English name of Polyamide (referred to as PA), density1.15g / cm3, is the molecular main chain containing repeated amide groups - [NHCO] - thermoplastic resin, including aliphatic PA, fat - aromatic Family PA and aromatic PA. Aliphatic PA varieties which yield large, widely used, the name of the synthesis of the specific number of carbon atoms according to the monomer. By the famous American chemist Carothers and his research team invented.Nylon is a polyamide fiber (nylon) of a statement, can be made of long fiber or staple fiber. Nylon is the trade name for polyamide fibers, also known as Nylon. English name Polyamide (referred to as PA), the basic composition of material is through the amide bond - [NHCO] - connected aliphatic polyamide.As the nylon has many characteristics, therefore, in the automotive, electrical equipment, mechanical structure :, transport equipment, textile, papermaking machinery and other aspects are widely used. With the miniaturization of vehicles, electronic and electrical equipment, high-performance, lightweight machinery and equipment to speed up the process, the demand for nylon will be higher and higher. In particular, nylon as a structural material, its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and so put forward a very high demand. PA6, PAl2 and other varieties have a strong price advantage, although some of the performance can not meet the requirements of the development of related industries.For an application area, through modification, improve some of its performance, to expand its application areas. Mainly in the following aspects of modification.① improve the water absorption of nylon to improve the dimensional stability of products.② improve the flame retardant nylon to meet the electronics, electrical, communications and other industries requirements.③ to improve the mechanical strength of nylon in order to achieve the strength of metal materials, replace the metal④ improve the low-temperature performance of nylon, and enhance its ability to withstand environmental strain.⑤ improve the wear resistance of nylon to meet the requirements of high wear-resistant occasions.⑥ improve the antistatic properties of nylon to meet the requirements of mining and mechanical applications.⑦ improve the heat resistance of nylon to adapt to high temperature conditions such as automotive engines in the field.⑧ reduce the cost of nylon, improve product competitiveness.

Typical features of good backpack!

Typical features of good backpack!First, waterproof performance(1) fabricThe outer surface of the waterproof coating, the backpack can be selected drip test,But the rain for a long time, then the rain will still penetrate; the inner surface of the tarpaulins,With PU waterproof film (polyurethane film), select the backpack when looking backpack liningWhether there is no smooth glossy waterproof film, this layer of water can stay in the outer surface of the backpack, can not penetrate into the interior.(2) zipper Department has a waterproof adhesive tape.Similar to Jackets inside the pressure of the adhesive strip, is simply a place in the joints added a waterproof cover cloth.Meet the above two, when the rain without having to worry about wet items.Low-end backpack only an external waterproof coating, the lightest; mid-backpack to meet the first,Weight heavier; high-end backpack is to meet the above two, the most important.second.there are multiple bin positionsTo facilitate the display of different types of items, each sub-warehouse items should be easy to access and easy to fall out.Need to pay attention, not the sub-warehouse the more the better. Sub-warehouse too much but will lead to a limited backpack space has beenDivided, takes up valuable space, and will significantly increase the weight of the backpack.Third, the inner frameOuter frame backpack is not only heavy, but also in the course of the process easy to be linked to branches and other items.Frame frame backpack material is usually lightweight and durable materials, such as: aviation aluminum alloy, carbon fiber materials, reinforced plastics.Typical inner frame backpackFourth, thick light beltsBelt at least 7 into the weight-bearing to the waist, so we must choose thick light belt.Too narrow the belt will obviously increase the local pressure, resulting in pain, swelling, and even broken skin. Purchase, be sure to ask,Whether the filling inside the belt is a complete piece of material. Otherwise, do not buy. If not a standard backpack,The item is not mandatory, but the width of the belt must be guaranteed.Fifth, the shoulder strap linerAs the shoulder also need to bear the weight of a part of the backpack, it must ensure that the internal strap liner.Even lightweight backpacks should have thinner pads. As shown in the picture below, four backpack: the bottom for the two ultra-lightweight backpack,Above the second for the lightweight backpack, the top for the standard backpack. From bottom to top,Four backpack shoulder strap thickness gradually increased. But can be seen from the second picture,Shoulder strap width of four types of backpack though gradually increased, but the change is not much.Sixth, there is a rich laceFor hanging crampons, mats, and compression backpack. Non-standard backpack is no need to consider.Seventh, zippers and bucklesZipper is usually used YKK or YBS, the domestic famous brand SBS, the top ten brands of domestic zipper,The world's second largest zipper manufacturer. Buckle with Duraflex, ITW, nifco, domestic brands Fortress, Meifeng, is security.Need for the general package with YKK zipper. Brand-name outdoor backpack without plastic zipper, all metal.See the figure below. A good or bad package and the relationship between the zipper is very large, if the load-bearing capacity of the zipper not work, It can hold things? In the process of walking, buckle suddenly broken, it can really tears.

How to choose a professional backpack?

How to choose a professional  backpack?Mountaineering, camping, outing, the most indispensable thing is the backpack.It can carry a lot of things, the liberation of his hands, keep the body balance, making travel safer and more comfortable.However, how in the large and small, different colors and backpack to find their own, but it is not so easy to do.1. Classification Backpack, generally divided into hiking bags and mountaineering bag, popular talk is light and heavy bag package. Light-type backpack suitable for migration step,Camping, a short time through the activities, light weight, simple design, the load is not more than four or five pounds is a good choice.Heavy-duty backpack for high altitude mountain climbing, long-distance crossing and other activities, the design of more weight-bearing state to consider the carrying capacity,But tend to be heavier. 2. Capacity Outdoor backpack is usually divided into different capacity to l (L) for the measurement unit, 15L,30L, 45L, 60L, 70L. However, how much to buy the package can not just look at the capacity and number, but also depends on how much the backA suspension system is most appropriate. Carry the system with each person's torso length (torso length)Directly related. In general, the trunk length of less than 45 cm for the small package, the trunk length between 45-52 cmOf the package for the medium, if the trunk length of 52 cm or more, you should pick a large package.(Cautions: trunk length refers to the seventh from the spine (neck and shoulder is the junction of the most prominent piece of bone)To the distance between the vertebrae parallel to the hip bone. Now some backpack with "flexible capacity" design,Because the journey of food and fuel consumables such as the increase in activity time decreases, in order not to affect the tightness and balance of the backpack,This design can make the backpack after a few days in the activity can still play solid, but also makes this backpack can be applied to different areas of activity.In general, small and medium-sized backpack does not require this design, but no one so designed, if you want to change the size of the capacity of the side of the bag or adjust the compression side of the belt to adjust.45 liters above the backpack at least five adjustable elastic band, and have different functions. Such as belts, shoulder straps, chest belt, backpack compression zone, with the focus of regulation.Each band in different circumstances need to adjust to the most appropriate level, so as to reduce the burden of feeling for the journey.3. Material work Of course, outdoor goods is a sub-price goods,Usually good quality backpack is also a lot of money. When buying materials, workmanship, design also has a lot of stress, and even fabrics, zippers, fasteners, webbing, belts or shoulder pads, etc.,Have different manufacturers and brands. In addition, a good package in the design is more humane, and this point, you need to carefully test the experience back. A suitable backpack, will make your journey more pleasing4. In terms of backpack fabric, the choice of wear-resistant degree to be considered, the degree of waterproof technology, the severity of fabric, anti-tear degree, softness and degree of anti-UV (tearing fabric for the grid-shaped;Wear the material used in the bottom of the backpack, contact with the ground and rocks up to the place, the bottom of the double backpack can increase the durability of the backpack); the backpack is not waterproof,. Currently used for the "nylon" and "Cordura" two. Canvas, although more wearable, but easy to damp, wet and difficult to dry and heavy quality, it has been rarely used. Nylon cloth quality lighter,Not moisture, mildew, fast drying, strength is also good, the disadvantage is not afraid of fire and fire. Cordura cloth is a synthetic nylon fabric, but it is in the wear and strength of the performance better than nylon,The same will not moisture, moldy or sticky snow, and fast-drying, but slightly heavier than the nylon.5 work depends on the suture strength. Including the shoulder belt and bag body suture, cover and package body suture, To mention the ring and the package of the suture, the suture between the fabric, plug-in and package body suture. The key parts of the suture is generally multi-channel, multiple insurance.Quality of accessoriesAccessories include waist buckle,All zippers, webbing and fasteners, including the package and the package of fasteners, fasteners, such as plug-in. More famous zipper YKK and YBS, YKK zipper is usually considered top grade. Outdoor backpack zipperAre all metal, general mountaineering bag with the zipper are 5 and 8 of the. Backpack is good or bad with the relationship between the zipper is very large.6. Ribbon generally have Nylon and Poly two. Nylon's webbing is of good quality,Feel soft, only the best package to use it. Most of the bags are made with Poly's webbing. Ribbon load-bearing capacity is very good, it is generally used to connect the harness of the strap, used for side pull belts, belts and other locations.Ribbon generally with the buckle or buckle with the use.7. The so-called tower buckle is one side is the side of the hair is the kind of hook material, the two materials can be stuck together, usually nylon. Used in the bag mouth or other location. The use of tower buckle can be designed to facilitate the removal of some pendant.Backpack on the elastic, elastic rope and rope is generally PP. Used in the necking or other position of the bag.8. Plastic board is an indispensable thing mountaineering bag, generally used in the back, to prevent a mess of stuff inside the package Ge with the back, other parts are used. Generally 1M and 3M is different,There are half-foam and non-foaming of the points, if it is foamed PE board, in the above you can see some small holes, the smaller the degree of foam hardness greater.9. Aluminum bar is a general interior-style backpackIndispensable thing, there is a certain degree of curvature, is carrying the system components, because of its curvature can be transferred to the weight of the hip over the backpack10. A small quick hanging, easy to hang in the backpack to pick up small objects, towels, hats, garbage bags.Compression bags, can be used to install tents, Fleece, Down and other inflated, soft items, can reduce the volume of these items in the package.